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Costruzione compatta, peso ridotto: ideale per robotica
Elevata resistenza all'urto
(fino a 5 volte la coppia nominale)
Estremamente preciso e a lunga durata,
perdita d'isteresi < 1 arcmin

Disponibile in numerose taglie,
con coppie nominali da 245 Nm a 7000 Nm
Unbelievably powerful with exceptional load capacity
RV-N cycloidal gears are very compact due to the main bearing with an  integrated inner race. The reinforcement of the crankshaft bearing  achieves very high power density. In addition, all gear components are  FEM-optimized and are manufactured using state-of-the-art production  processes.
An efficiency ratio of up to 85 %, shock resistance of 5 times the  rated torque and extreme precision make the eccentric gears of the RV-N  series an outstanding choice for diverse robotic applications. Robots  benefit from excellent load conditions due to the reduced weight and  lower mass inertia. The RV-N series is also used in medical technology,  in machine tools and in positioning applications.
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