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Riduttori a foro passante, per passaggio cavi
Foro passante
Estremamente preciso
(perdita d'isteresi < 1 arcmin)

Vibrazioni ridotte
High precision for diverse application options
The gear sets of the RV-C series have an identical design and the  same quality characteristics of the RV-E eccentric gears. The difference  is the hollow shaft with a diameter of up to 138 mm.  
The design of the RV-C component sets achieves very high repeat and  path accuracy with a hysteresis loss of less than 1 arcmin. In  combination with the low vibrations, the RV-C series is therefore ideal  for applications in robotics, medical technology, 5-axis machining  centres (CNC) and also for antenna systems, which require maximum  precision.
Applicazioni con riduttori RV-C a foro passante
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