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Alta precisione di posizionamento, anche per i carichi più elevati
Affidabilità, elevata precisione di posizionamento
anche per carichi elevati, foro passante
Cuscinetti progettati per spinte assiali fino a 2.5 t
(RS-260A), 5 t (RS-320A), 9 t (RS-900A)

Base in ghisa per montaggio stabile.
Installazione motore in configurazione ortogonale.
Designed for axial loads up to nine tons
The high-precision trochoidal gears of the RS series with an  integrated rectangular gear are designed for axial loads of up to 9  tons. The cast iron base ensures stable and durable floor mounting. The  motor is mounted at a right angle for easy access. The compact design  and exceptional power make the RS series gears superior to conventional  camshaft gears and worm gears.
The hollow shaft easily allows the feed-through of supply lines and  cables. In addition, these gearheads operate virtually backlash-free.  This makes them ideal for diverse high-end applications such as machine  tools, welding table positioning, rotary tables and large robots.
Applicazioni con riduttori RF-P senza foro passante
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