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Alte velocità in spazi ridotti
Tempi ciclo ridotti,
velocità di uscita fino a 200 rpm
Elevata precisione
(perdita di isteresi < 2 arcmin)

Vita di servizio: 20.000 ore
Ideal for pick & place and positioning applications
The compact cycloidal gears of the RF-P series set new standards for  high-speed applications in a compact space. They enable output speeds of  up to 200 rpm and operate with extremely high precision (hysteresis  loss < 2 arcmin). The cycloidal design with a two-stage gear  reduction principle minimizes wear – a decisive advantage over  conventional planetary gears! The result is low backlash throughout the  entire life of up to 20,000 hours of operation. The RF-P series is  therefore the first choice for dynamic pick & place, handling and  positioning applications!
In machine tool construction the RF-P gears are ideal for use in  automatic tool changers (ATCs). The reduction gears offer advantages  especially in the version with a chain, in which the output speed can be  increased substantially. Tools can be changed much more quickly. In  addition, the optional version with housing rotation allows rotation of  the chain wheel directly with the gear housing. That saves time and  money during installation!
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